Dr. Daniel Brahneborg, CEO:

Technical support:


Before emailing us

We love hearing from both existing and new customers, so do not hesitate sending an email if you have any questions regarding our products and services. We’d also be more than happy being the industry contact for your master’s thesis, if it’s related to messaging or testing.

However, please note that we have no tolerance for lies. When we catch you, your email domain will be blocked. For example:

  • If you pretend you’re replying to us by having “Re:” in the Subject line, despite this being your first email.
  • If you claim to have talked to “person X at your company”, where person X does not even exist.

Also, in order to save us both some time:

  • We are not interested in any AI solutions. At all.
  • We are not hiring.
  • We are not interested in outsourcing anything, other than on our own initiative.
  • We are immune to the argument claiming that as other companies are using some particular technology, we should therefore use it too.