The overall goal for Braxo is to build tools and services which help other companies in various ways. In particular, we have our SMS gateway product EMG, tunneling text messages worldwide between many types of software systems and mobile network operators. We also have Form2PDF, converting invoices and similar documents from text files into PDFs which are then sent as email. On the service side, we run EMG ourselves for forwarding text messages from and to several Swedish companies. For advertising agencies, photographers and other companies which need to send and receive large files, we run the file sharing service FileCentral.

Braxo AB was founded in 1992, from the start having a close collaboration with Infoflex Data. Because of this collaboration, the company was called Infoflex Connect, and for many years we even had a common owner. Since then our focus has changed a bit, so in 2021 it was time for us to leave the Infoflex name. The new name and graphical profile also make it easier to show the connections between Braxo’s products and services.

We have had the highest credit rating, AAA, for several years.


Organisation number: 556447-7601
VAT number: SE556447760101
IBAN: SE57 5000 0000 0537 4101 7493